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 Fight Club

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PostSubject: Fight Club   Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:20 pm

Not to be confused with the film, nor compared to it. The event was not inspired by the film. The concept was not stolen from Fight Club, nor were any of the ideas. Any naysayers please read this and promptly vacate the thread if your intentions are to bring negativity towards the event. Thank you.

I've steered away from the more "creative" games to put less of a strain on organization. It usually takes long enough to get players gathered around in a circle. I weep at the thought of attempting to organize fights on top of a precarious structure. I hope folk respect my decision, and enjoy the event regardless. There's an abundance of (what I perceive to be) great event ideas to keep us busy so let's have at it.


Welcome to Fight Club. This tournament is the ultimate test of mettle. Hand-to-hand combat, mano-a-mano as nature intended it. The objective is simple. Engage your opponent, look him square in the eyes, show no fear and take him down. Charity is a virtue that has no place here in Fight Club. The man stood on the other side of the arena staring back at you will grant you no such courtesy. It's dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, and the mongrel with the biggest bite will win the bone.

There will be 8 fighters to a tournament, 7 rounds, 1 champion. There will be the initial qualifiers, the semi-finals and the final fight. A fighter will advance to the next round on a knockout system basis. Each round will last until one fighter knocks their opponent out. In the eventuality of a rare draw, fighters will dust themselves off, jump back into the arena and fight again until there's a victor. Two men go in, one man walks out. That's the rule. The fighter that advances all the way to the final and wins will receive 50 points (and any additional points should an award be earned) and also receive the prestigious title of Fight Club Champion!

For optimum success, this will remain an organized event. The typical tomfoolery will be allowed and encouraged, but blatant disruption of the game will not be tolerated and such actions will result in a warning, and if it should continue, the offending player will be dealt with a nice, little kick from the game. These games are here to be enjoyed by everybody, not taken advantage of. Please remember that.


The Bare Knuckle Tournament - An 8 man tournament, where victors advance on a knockout system basis. Rounds will be fought bare-fisted in either Back Alley Brawls, Home Improvements matches or Street Fights.

Extreme Rulez Tournament - Same as the Bare Knuckle Tournament. Only the Extreme Rulez Tournament will allow the use of melee weapons so vigilence is a necessity in this tournament.

The Redemption Royale - After the tournament is won and a champion has been decided, a Redemption Battle Royale will be held for the losers of the tournament. No prize will be awarded to the victor besides regained pride and self-worth. This is simply just a dicking around session after the initial tournament is complete and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Throwing Down The Gauntlet
If a disgruntled fighter feels he was cheated out of a victory, he may put forth the challenge for a rematch or a title challenge to the current Fight Club champion. If the current champion accepts the challenge, the two will arrange a fight (Bare Fisted or an Extreme Rulez fight - see Game Modes for more details). This does not need authorization from the host or even need to be witnessed by the host, although that would be preferred for "refereeing" purposes. If the challenger beats the current champion, he'll win the title, but if the current title holder wins, however, he'll keep his title, win bragging rights and 50 points will be awarded for a successful title defence.

These matches can be bet on (see Betting System for more details).

Game Modes:

Bare Knuckle:
Back Alley Brawl - Straight up mano-a-mano. Fighters will fight using nothing but the tools God gave them. Fought in an enclosed venue. Back alleys, parking lots, top of project buildings etc...
Home Improvements - A one on one fight fought in an interior. Apartment building, housing building, etc.
Street Fight - A Street Fight is sloppy and it's vicious. Fighters will sprawl out onto the street in clear view for anybody to see, disregarding anybody or anything in their path to obtain victory.

Battle Royale:
Arena - Fought in an Arena (any location of the participants choosing). In the Battle Royale it's every man for himself. Last man standing wins.
Bar Brawl - Same rules apply for the Bar Brawl. A bar will be chosen as the fight venue and last man standing wins the fight.
Team Bar Brawl - Two rival boozer gangs have arranged a bar brawl. Players will form two teams (The Steinway Bruisers, Da Babylon Crew or Winkles Winkles) and choose a location (Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes, Homebrew Café in Broker or Lucky Winkles in Algonquin). The gang that frequents the chosen bar will wait inside, whilst the rival gang makes their way to the brawl. The rival gang will storm the bar taking the regulars off guard and ding ding ding. Last boozer(s) standing win the brawl for their team.

Extreme Rulez:
Bats and Shanks - Does exactly what it says on the tin. A regular Back Alley Brawl with bats and shanks.
Circle of Doom - A heart-pounding test of wit & bravery. Players will form a circle around two fighters whilst holding AK's and/or M4's. Training the guns on the fighters, the fighters will prepare to brawl, whilst the onlookers will count to 30. If the fight is still going when they reach 30... hasta la vista, baby.
Grudge Match - If two individuals are locked in an epic never ending battle, a Grudge Match is the perfect avenue to determine a true victor. No holds barred. Best two out of three. Lay down the challenge in the thread and your wish shall be granted.

Coming soon...

Points & Awards:

Points are added to your overall score and cross over onto Fugitive.

Bare Knuckle:
Flawless Victory - Win a fight without being hit - 30 points
Earned Your Freedom - Win the tournament - 50 points
Eat It! - Successfully defend your title/discrown a champion - 50 points
Whitewash - Win the tournament with 3 Flawless Victories - 100 points

Battle Royale:
Who's The Daddy? - Win an Arena match - 50
Last Man Chuggin' - Win a Bar Brawl - 50
For My Boozer! - Win a Team Bar Brawl - 50
Bow Down To The King - Win 3 of any 3 games - 100

Extreme Rulez:
Happy Slasher - Win a knife fight with a Flawless Victory - 10
Off With Yer 'Ed - Win a bat fight with a Flawless Victory - 10
Score Settled - Win a Grudge Match - 30
Certifiably Insane - Win an extreme rulez tournament - 50

Betting System:
If participants wish to try their luck and bet on a fight (the finals, a Grudge Match or Gauntlet Match), they're more than free to bet as many points as they like. If they lose, they lose all the points they bet, but if they win, they win double the amount. Remember, points will be added to your overall score and crossed over onto Fugitive. Now, there's an incentive!
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Fight Club
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