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PostSubject: Fugitive    Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:12 am

A game by .2D & Fawckue.

Two cellmates doing hard time together often sit in their cell at night reminiscing about freedom and the outside world. They ponder how much the world has changed during their time in a correctional facility and wonder if life for their family and friends has stood still on the outside as much as it has for them on the inside. They keep up to date with current affairs via the news at 6, newspapers or word of mouth, but neither man is truly satisfied with the life they're living. Both men accept the crimes they've committed and respect the sentences dished out to them. Only they feel they've served an adequate amount of their 25 to life sentences to compensate for the severity of their crimes. In their eyes justice was swift, justice was served and they're ready to move on.

They yearn for freedom, they yearn to wake up in the morning with a smile on their face, they yearn to feel a womans touch, they yearn to pick their kids up from school, they yearn to sit and watch the game with an icy cold beer in hand on a cool breezy summer's afternoon - they yearn for freedom - and by hook or by crook, they're going to get it. Only thing standing in their way is an abundance of security gates and prison guards - no mean feat for the man carrying the spirit of freedom in his heart and a ruthless determination with nothing to lose. The decision of when or how will be determined based on the current circumstances and the relationship of the two convicts. Will they pull together their resources and know how and band together for the escape of the century, will they bribe one of the guards to set the wheels in motion or will they part ways and go rogue on a wing and a prayer?

The decision... is up to you.

The objective is simple: guards guard, convicts attempt to escape from the Alderney State Correctional Facility either by calling up and bribing a guard, overpowering a guard and taking his weapon or simply running for the front gate on a wing and a prayer. Once out of the prison, the objective is to then make it to the objective in one piece. The objective being the helicopter pad on top of the Booth Tunnel. Convicts must then pilot their way to The Triangle Club in Bohan. Once inside, they've secured their freedom and the game is won. The guards objective is to stop the convicts from escaping, either by lethal force or capturing and escorting them back to prison. There's a multitude of methods that can be utilized to secure your freedom. Teamwork, bribery, betrayal! The guards could even get wind of the escape and in the interest of the general public, lure the convicts into a false sense of security and resort to vigilantism. Who can you trust?

This is essentially a roleplaying game. All players have one life. Two convicts to however many guards are in game, alternating between players each game.

*Convicts are allowed one knife between them. Convicts are confined to the basketball court, church and the surrounding area within the confines of the fencing. Guards will equip themselves with pistols while one guard will arm themself with some heavy weaponry (shotgun/AK/M4). Guards must patrol the catwalks and remain vigilant, watching for any suspicious behaviour from the convicts. If a guard suspects anything's going down, he's permitted to fire a warning shot in the direction of the convicts. Once a shot is fired, convicts must halt all activity and crouch on the spot until the guard returns to his duties. If a convict is seen outside of their allocated area (outside of the fencing, on the catwalks or outer walls) assume an escape is imminent and don't forget your training. You may open fire or give the convict the benefit of the doubt and escort them back to the courtyard. If a disgruntled guard decides to aid a convict in their escape, the guard becomes as much of a target as the convict. The guard should be dealt with accordingly and approached with caution.

*Convicts MUST escape through the front gate. Wall hopping will not be tolerated. Guards must also stay on the move. Camping will not be tolerated. Once a convict has escaped and is on the run, they are given the option to "give up". If there's no foreseeable possibility of escape, if you're able to drop what you're doing and crouch in the spot to "yield" before you get your gray matter splattered all over the place, guards are given the option to stop shooting and return the convict to the facility. Captured convicts will be taken to the middle watch tower in the prison courtyard and put on constant surveillance (at gunpoint) by the guard that caught him until information is extracted regarding the wearabouts/destination of convict #2 or #2 is also caught or killed. The convict is then returned to the courtyard and put on heavy surveillance.

*Once both convicts have escaped and made it to their destination (or one convict if the other has perished) the game is won. If both convicts are killed or if the timer runs out, victory goes to the guards.

Points System:

Convicts will be permitted such privileges such as ringing/bribing guards & the use of a handgun for help based on their points. For example: no points, no leway. Each time a guard is called for help, points will be sacrificed for their help. There is the ever-present prospect of a convict being double-crossed by a guard, but that's a risk they'll just have to take, so choose your guard carefully. If convicts have extra points, however, they could bribe the guards with points for added incentive. This rule limits the amount of games guards are called and will force the convicts to devise another escape plan instead of taking the "easy route". Convicts are limited to the use of one handgun and two bribes per gaming session, so, again, choose your privileges wisely.

Guards are also allowed to spend points on privileges. If a convict is caught, a guard may spend points on extracting information about their cohort (their wearabouts/destination). This will be an unlimited perk where the convicts decision is their prerogative, not the guards. Guards may also spend points on privileges such as two rifleman/shotgun guys for added security. Guards are permitted one of these privileges every other game.

All players in-game will start off with 100 points. Whether a player on an oppossing team chooses to accept an offer/double-cross them is their prerogative. Points are negotiable. Points will be deducted based purely on trust and honesty in the lobby. I'd like to think nobody's gutless enough to cheat. Once a player has spent their points, they always have a chance to re-earn them once the teams are switched over and they're on the other side of the law.

Convicts will win 50 points a piece for a successful escape. Guards will win 20 a piece for a successful capture.


  • Bribe guard for second knife - 50 points
  • Bribe guard for gun - 70 points
  • Bribe guard for personal help - 100 points

  • Bribe Convict for information - 50 points
  • Added security - 100 points

Players may combine points for privileges. Points are negotiable in-game.


Location: Prison
Duration: 60 minutes (Allows players extra time should they need it)
Friendly Fire: On
Weapons: Standard
Traffic/Pedestrians: Medium (Not too excessive, but helps players blend in)
Blips: Team
GT/Reticule: Off
Voice chat: Team
Time of Day: Midnight
Weather: Negotiable in lobby

Player Models:
This is mostly for authenticity purposes, but it does help distinguish players from opposing teams. It is a hassle changing outfits everytime you switch teams but it would be appreciated if players would memorize and wear the applicable outfit(s) during these games.

Convict Attire (Male):
Head - Any.
Torso & Legs - 2.
Glasses & Hats - none.

Guard Attire (Male):
Head - Any.
Torso & Legs - 6.
Glasses - 4.
Hats - 14.

Final Words:
This game is here for everybody's enjoyment. So respect the game, respect your fellow gamers and have fun.
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