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 Tasty Takeover

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PostSubject: Tasty Takeover   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:28 pm


Tasty Takeover
A game by LeRay0409 & Nitty Don

One person is nominated to be the Tasty driver, whilst the rest have to be in Enforcers. There will be 3 laps. Who ever wins the race in the Mr Tasty wins. Its an all for all battle to take the Tasty anything can happen.

  1. Allow a minimal of a 20sec head start for the Nominated driver tp gain some distance before persuing.
  2. No weapons are allowed only health packs.
  3. If the Tasty becomes highly damaged the other particpants must let the Tasty driver get a health pack before continuing the chase.

Game Mode: GTA Race
Class: Service
Weapons: Health Packs Only
Track: Random
Laps: 3
Weather: Variable
GT Display: Off
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Tasty Takeover
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