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PostSubject: Assassination   Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:09 am


A game by LeRay0409

This is a team based strategy game.


Objective of the game is to assassinate the target without raising any alarms. There will be two teams. Assassins and CIA.
The Assassins will have to stick to the shadow and avoid raising alarms to kill the target to gain as much points as possible.
The CIA will do there best to ensure the target stays alive. Both teams only have 1 life. The CIA will holster pistols unless any of the alarm codes are in place.
Assassins should stick to Sniper Rifles and stealth based weaponry.

There are three levels of detection.
  1. Code Blue: Agents believe there is a possible threat.
  2. Code Yellow: Agents have encountered contact.
  3. Code Red: Shots fired high alert.

With each code the CIA's weaponry increases in power.

Code Blue: Pistols
Code Yellow: SMG/Shotguns
Code Red: Assault Rifles


  • There are to be no use of explosives or fire at all during the time of the game.
  • The Target can only be killed in the designated area.
  • Once your life is up you are to go to the safe zone and stay there till the game is over.
  • Codes are to be clearly stated to each CIA Agent.
  • Use of unauthorized weaponry will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

Points System:

Team Points

Kill without detection - 200
Kill with detection - 100

CIA Agents
Successfully defended target - 400

Points will be split between each team accordingly.

Solo Points

Traitor - 20
Kill - 5
5 Kills - 25


Time: 45/60 Minutes
Friendly Fire: Off
GT Display/Reticule: Off
Pedestrians: High
Vehicles: Low
ToD: Evening
Weather: Variable


Bohan Warehouse

Cargo Docking Area
Images Coming Soon
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